Our Appetisers

Charcuterie platter Coppa, cured ham, pâté en croûte with foie gras, truffle ham

Cheese platter Reblochon, Tomme and Beaufort, Bleu de Bonneval

Our Starters

Onion soup au gratin

Onion soup gratinée “chabrot” style, red wine and egg yolk

Pan-fried snails, Bleu de Bonneval cheese sauce, spinach and chopped walnuts

Richelieu pâté en croûte, with pickled red onion

Our Big Salads

Alpine salad Mixed salad greens with crunchy vegetables, polenta cubes, onions, walnuts, smoked bacon and serac involtini

Cesar salad Mixed salad greens, sundries tomatoes, parmesan flakes, onions, croutons and sliced poultry with anchovy Caesar sauce

Main Course

Slow-cooked lamb with sautéed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, honey and rosemary jus

Grilled farmhouse pork ribs with barbecue sauce Mixed vegetables, polenta cubes

Pan-seared scallops and black pudding, Einkorn wheat mushroom risotto

Beef picanha a la plancha with shallot sauce and red wine, French fries and salad greens

Beef tartare the Italian way Capers, pickles, basel, parmigiano,candied tomatoes)arugula and french fries

Our famous grilled prime rib, French fries and salad greens

The children's Menu ( under 12 year old only)

Groud Beef, French Fries, Salad and Vegetables or Pasta Bolognese


Compot drink

Our burgers

Friolin Burger Ground beef 150 g, half a breaded Reblochon, tomatoes, onions, French fries and salad

Veggie Burger Cereal steak, curry, leek and carrot fondue , tomatoes, candied shalott and tarragon, French fries and salad

Cheddar Burger Ground beef 150g, burger sauce, tomatoes, onions and cheddar.

Our Pasta

Agnoletti with cep mushrooms (porcini), Rocket (arugula) leaves, parmesan shavings, shredded truffle ham

Linguine bolognaise

Spelt mushroom risotto, Sundried tomatoes, parmesan and rocket (arugula) leaves

Our Burgers

Friolin Burger Minced beef, breaded half-reblochon, slice of smoked bacon, mustard sauce and pickled red onion

Cheddar Burger Ground beef 150g, Cheddar cheese, cocktail sauce, tomatoes, onions, minced beef

Friolin specialities

Chef’s Plate Mixed green salad, smoked bacon and serac involtini, onion soup with croutons, pan-fried snails au gratin

Tartiflette with salad Potatoes, onions, bacon bits and reblochon cheese salad greens

Our Desserts

Vanilla crème brulée

Blueberry tarlet, red berry coulis

Creamy fromage blanc with salted butter caramel, caramelised peanuts and speculoos

Chocolate mousse and lemon madeleine

Walnut cake, vanilla ice cream and custard

Cottage cheese with coulis or honey