Our Appetisers

Board of local cured meats

Local cheese plate

Our Starters

Cream soup of the day

Country terrine and toast

Beaufort and pesto cream snail casserole

Our Big Salads

Cesar’s salad
Herbed chicken, tomato confit, tomatoes , parmesan shavings, croutons and green salad.

Transalpine salad
Brushetta of Arna bacon, d’el feiggi mushrooms, coppa, tomatoes, basil, tomato confit, pine nuts, shallots, basalmic vinegar and green salad.

Savoie Salad 
Reblochon fondant lollipops, jacket potatoes, local dry-cured ham, grilled onions, dried cranberries and green salad.

Suggestion of the day

The Chef makes proposals everyday (refer to slates).

Our Meats

Rib of beef “Angus” a la plancha (300g) with french fries

Traditional beef tartare with french fries and salad

Granny style lamb shank and its Beaufort (local cheese) gratin potatoes

XXL Tex-Mex style Pork chops with french fries and green salad

Duck breast with blueberry sauce and its Beaufort (local cheese) gratin potatoes

Our Specialities

Tartiflette and salad

Mountain pasture plate
Cream soup of the day, Reblochon fondant lollipops, mixed salad, local dry-cured ham, Beaufort and pesto cream snail casserole.

Our burgers

Classical burger with french fries
Cheddar cheese, minced steak, onions, cocktail sauce, salade tomatoes and french fries.

XXL Savoie burger with french fries
Breaded Reblochon cheese, minced steak, onions , apple fondant, local dry-cured ham, french fries.

Our Pasta

Carbonara tagliatelle

Cep tagliatelle

Bolognese tagliatelle

Beef Lasagna

Lasagna made with a medley of fresh vegetables

Our Cheeses

Board of local cheese
Tomme de savoie, Beaufort, Vacherin

Cottage cheese with mountain honey or fruit coulis

Our Desserts

Friolin iced cèpe
Meringue, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate fondu sauce

Almond cream blueberry pie

Chocolate fondant and raspberry coulis

Vanilla burnt creme

Lemon pie in a jar

Gourmet Coffee
Vanilla ice-cream, mini chocolate fondant, lemon tart, blueberry and pistachio financier, coffee