Our Appetisers

Charcuterie plate: cured ham, coppa, rosette, diot, ham

Cheese plate: Beaufort, tome, reblochon, fine herbs sérac

Nordic plate Homemade smoked salmon

Our Starters

Soup of the day, croutons and cheese

Homemade salted salmon, lemon cream and ginger

Homemade duck foie gras, honeyed peers’ chutney

Our Big Salads

Alpine salad: Salad mishmash, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, polenta dices, pickled onions, walnuts, Sérac toast with fine herbs and grilled pork belly

Cesar salad: Salad mishmash, croutons, dried tomatoes, parmigiano poultry dices, onions, basilic vinaigrette and breadstick

Main Course

Grilled rib-eye steak: Shallot cooked à la béarnaise, French fries and salad

Veel’s chuck pot au feu: Traditional vegetables and a truffle flavour

Roasted blood sausage: Mashed potatoes and market vegetables, cider flavoured meat juice and candied apples

Pan fried Saint-Jacques, Scallop and small spelt risotto, creamy spinaches with Asian spices, market vegetables

Low temperature lamb shank: Fried potatoes, market vegetables, honey and rosemary juice

Tartiflette and green salad: Potatoes, onions, bacon, Reblochon

Beef tartare the Italian way: Capers, pickles, basel, parmigiano,candied tomatoes)arugula and french fries

The children's Menu

Groud Beef, French Fries, Salad and Vegetables or Pasta Bolognese


Compot drink

Our burgers

Friolin Burger Ground beef 150 g, half a breaded Reblochon, tomatoes, onions, French fries and salad

Veggie Burger Cereal steak, curry, leek and carrot fondue , tomatoes, candied shalott and tarragon, French fries and salad

Cheddar Burger Ground beef 150g, burger sauce, tomatoes, onions and cheddar.

Our Pasta

Linguine Bolognese

Linguine alla rucola: Tomato sauce, basil, rucula, parmigiano, cured ham, dried tomatoes

Agnolotti with porcini mushrooms, ruffle cream, mushroom pan, and dried duck magret

Our Cheeses

Cottage cheese, grout or honey or walnut or cream

Cheese board Reblochon, Tome, Beaufort and Sérac

Our Desserts

Perfect white chocolate, Raspberry heart and red fruits grout

Blueberry pie, whipped cream, and grout

Cottage cheese mousse with caramel, caramelized hazelnuts and Speculos powder

Vanilla crème brulée